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TEES - Got the Feeling 
7” Vinyl and Single Cover Artwork
Created by Foil’s Mia Middleton 

TEES single artwork for print on 7” Vinyl Sleeves, record stickers, digital streaming sites and social media/web marketing. Now available in record stores across Australia.

‘Dump’ Pop-Up Event
Street Poster/Photography, Sydney
Created by Foil’s Mia Middleton

Poster created for a community organised pop-up market event that invited anyone to turn up on an allocated day, bring along any unwanted items, and trade or barter with each other for new things. Participants were encourgaed to make as many trades as possible, thinking less about the need for an item than the love of exchange and openess. This large scale item-swap was a response to the increasingly expensive markets and artisan stores in Sydney, and aimed to foster togetherness and connection rather than fiscal opportunism. 

Nichons - Nous Dans L’Internet 
Cover Artwork
Created by Foil’s Mia Middleton

Cover artwork, double page spread and various graphic elements designed for issue two of ‘Nichons - Nous Dans L’internet’, a bilingual and biannual printed magazine about internet culture. ‘Nichons - Nous Dans L’internet’, which translates as  ‘Tits - We’re In The Internet’, is based in Paris and can be purchased in stores throughout Europe and the United States.

‘Another Time Now’
Exhibition Poster 
Created by Foil’s Mia Middleton and Sean Duarte

Event poster for ‘Another Time Now’, an exhibition in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin exploring notions of the synthetic and the automatic. 

Simone ‘Salve’
Cover Artwork
Created by Foil’s Mia Middleton

Cover artwork for Simone’s release ‘Salve’. The brief was to create something minimal, abstract and warm with a slight refference to 70’s color ways and design.